How To Succeed As An AOK Vendor


As a vendor, your success depends on getting Property Preservation repair work from the large companies. To find these companies, start by signing up with the leading National Property Preservation companies as a REPAIR vendor rather than a maintenance vendor. Large companies usually have vendor managers whose sole purpose is to recruit and employ new vendors.

To save you some time, here is  a link to an entire list of national Property Preservation companies who have their vendor applications posted online. Complete these applications and follow up with a call within 2-3 business days.Since these companies receive a large number of inquiries, be sure to follow up every 3-4 weeks, “just to touch base and let them know you are still ready when they need you”.

Your patience and persistence will be tested, but will also be rewarded because inevitably they will run into problems with their current contractor in your service area or they will receive more jobs than he or she can handle. When that happens, if you have been following up you will be on top of their list.

For those of you who utilize this method: Good luck to you. Please stop back and leave a comment to let us know when you get your big break. Because you will…